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  Happy Feet Airplane Footrest  
Made in the USA
Arrive Healthy & Happy
  • When on long airline flights, do you experience leg cramps, or discomfort in your thighs or lower back?
  • Do your feet dangle or do not reach the floor while seated?
  • Do your legs suffer from circulatory problems such as restless leg syndrome or Deep Vain Thrombosis (DVT)?

From the craftsmen at Zarcor comes a portable travel footrest that will provide for a more comfortable seating experience and help reduce seating discomfort and jet lag. The Happy Feet Airplane Foot Rest is a new travel accessory designed to attach to the base of the tray table arms and is adjustable to a suitable height.

The "Happy Feet" travel footrest is designed to accommodate the following special needs. It is not recommended for persons taller than 6ft, or weigh more than 250lbs.

  • Individuals with short legs or your feet do not reach the floor
  • Individuals with lower body circulatory problems such as restless leg syndrome or Deep Vain Thrombosis (DVT)
  • Individuals who experience leg cramps or discomfort in the thighs or lower back when sitting over long periods

The Happy Feet airplane footrest weighs only 9 ounces, measures 13" x 2¾", and is manufactured from highly durable starboard plastic that will not warp or fade in color.

MSRP: $29.95
Less Discount -$5.00
Current Sales Price: $24.95
Airlines want you to do a few exercises and stretches while you are up so you’ll feel great when you come down.

Suggested in-flight exercises

Installation of the "Happy Feet" Airplane Footrest is quick and easy:
  1. Unfold the tray table to the down position.
  2. Wrap the attached cord around each tray table arm.
  3. Fasten the retainer beads to each end.
  4. Push cord to lower (pivot) portion of arm.
Additionally, you can adjust the Footrest to be above your stowed luggage, or to your comfort height. It does not have to be removed when not in use. Simply place your feet in front of, or below the footrest.


The patent pending Airplane Footrest is manufactured by Zarcor, who will bill and ship from its Addison, Texas location.

You may place your order by contacting us at (800) 877-4797 or buy on-line using the Buy Now button below.

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I won't fly coach without my footrest!
Deborah Holland of Dallas, TX | December 2013
Now that I've tried it, I will never willingly fly coach again. I have arthritic knees and ankles, and the Happy Feet Airplane Footrest takes the stress and strain off my joints and makes long flights much more comfortable.

A 14-hour flight (LAX to Auckland) is much more comfortable with the footrest.
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Love this product!
Dianne Pickens of Missoula, MT | August 2013
I just ordered my 4th and 5th footrest. I liked mine so much I ordered one for my daughter and and one for my daughter-in-law. Now I am ordering one as a door prize for a luncheon I am chairing with a travel theme. The 5th is to have on hand as I know I will want to give one to someone else in the near future.

This is the best thing I have ever found to relieve leg pain when I fly. I like that I can adjust it to the height that is comfortable for me. It is so easy to slip into a carry-on bag. My only regret is I didn't have this many years ago when I was flying across the Pacific at frequent intervals. I have looked for years for something to put my feet on. Finally a better solution than using my carry-on bag that was never the right size. I love this product!
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What a terrific product!!!!
Sally Riley of Kennewick, WA | November 2012
This product is all it is advertised to be. I have made several flights and have had nothing but comfort and NO FOOT SWELLING. Of course, when others inquire as to WHERE I got the footrest, I am more than happy to guide them to the web site! GREAT INVENTION!
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Good idea footrest
Melody Glass of CA | June 2012
This is a simple, brilliant idea to ease pressure off the back of the legs during those long airplane flights. This device is compact and fits nicely into carry-on luggage. But the construction of this gadget needs to be improved upon. The plastic platform seems to be sturdy enough, but the screw that holds the rope into the swing-up posts is a faulty idea. The rope just ripped right out of the post the first time I used it. At my destination I borrowed a screwdriver and was able to re-attach the rope. On the return flight I did use the footrest again, but very gingerly and cautiously. I was careful to only rest my feet on the platform, without applying any force, or the ropes would have ripped out again.

If the designers could just modify the rope attachements to made them stay in the posts permanently, I would give this ingenious device a 5 star rating.
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How great it is!!!!
Ginny Botz of Cary, NC | June 2011
I flew to Europe a week after recieving my Happy Feet product and promised myself NEVER to travel again without it. You won't believe the difference it makes unless you try one.
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